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Premier Community Center in East Harlem Gets $2.7MM Renovation

ShapiroCM completed a $2.7MM renovation at the premier community center in East Harlem. Union Settlement's sunny and shiny facility includes a warming kitchen, conference room, lobby and gym. New lighting, an HVAC system and a new Hearing Loop system for the hearing impaired were installed as well. The upgrades at this center were part of a $20MM program at senior and community centers throughout the city.

Improve Your Commute

When Jay Shapiro founded ShapiroCM 16 years ago, he had spent years commuting to Manhattan from the New Jersey suburbs. In keeping with creating a business with a family culture, he found an office location close to his home but with easy access to the city to attend to client business. Today, in our company of over 30 employees, he’s the only one who really doesn’t have to commute. Most employees commute to work in either the New York City or Washington D.C. metro areas. The average New York commute is 57.92 minutes round-trip, the average Washington, DC commute is 60.42 round-trip. With only 4% of commuters able to travel into New York City in half an hour or less, you would be be hard pre

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