Community and Senior Center Renovations

New York, NY

Owner: New York City Housing Authority

Architect/Engineer: various
Contractor: various

Scope: various
Services: Construction Management and Staff Augmentation Services 
Size: various
Construction Value: various
Status: Ongoing

ShapiroCM is concurrently managing two assignments for Construction Management and Staff Augmentation for NYCHA. Assignment A consists of five Community and Senior Centers throughout New York City.  Our Project Manager and Project Engineers are responsible for managing project execution, monitoring project work, performing integrated change control, scheduling, inspections, and all aspects of quality control and project reporting. These Centers have a combined total construction value of $11.5MM.

Assignment B consists of two Project Engineers working within the NYCHA Home Office at 90 Church Street, who collect and analyze data on the City Capital projects. They prepare reports for issuance to internal and external stakeholders.