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Healthy Workplace Initiative

The Healthy Workplace Initiative is a platform for ShapiroCM to share wellness information and support materials with employees. 

Each month the HR team will choose a topic based upon results of an employee survey. Resources will include self-assessments, worksheets to build skills and awareness, tips and inspirational videos. We also plan to provide employee group and individual challenges in different areas of wellness to help employees establish healthy habits. 

Ideas for monthly topics, challenges and incentives should be submitted to the ShapiroCM HR Manager.  

Workplace Bullying

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As our policy states, any workplace bullying should be reported to HR immediately. For an interesting take on becoming “bully proof” Motivational Speaker and Coach Kevin Ward has an interesting take on it in this Ted Talk.

Stress: Worry & Burnout

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Just how stressed out are you? Take this self-assessment. If you'd like some help managing stress, call our Employee Assistance Program. It’s free & confidential


Call: 800-932-0034

Our EAP portal:


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Find out

Where to


Print the PDF

version of this


Print the PDF

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Personal & Professional Growth

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Check out this video for goal setting based on the idea of journaling about goals, not feelings, to make significant changes. You can watch the video here.

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Use this goal tracking sheet to maintain accountability for achieving your goals.

Healthy Eating at Work

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Tip Sheets:

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Emotional Intelligence

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Financial Health

Your money personality type can have a lot to do with how you save and spend money.


When you actively reduce your debt you save on interest. When you pay on time, you save on late fees and maintain your credit score – which will save money long-term. America Saves has put together resources on paying down debt and credit.


If you’re unsure if you have a debt problem – take this short quiz.


Our EAP Offers Financial Services:


Support is available for any financial need including:

• Referrals to CPAs, CFPs and Credit Counselors

• Credit Counseling

• Debt Management

• Retirement

• Lease/Purchase Issues

• College Funding

• Financial Planning

• Tax Preparation

Services include initial assessment and phone consultation regarding the issue.

Employees and family members receive 30-Day Financial Coaching and a 90-Day Financial Wellness Action Plan at no cost.


Request financial services by calling the EAP toll-free at 800-932-0034