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Our Team

Shay Smith
Project Manager

Lashawnda Smith recently joined ShapiroCM from private construction management. As a 3rd generation contractor Lashawnda likes to say she was "born and raised" in construction. 


Certified in HVAC service and installation, she extensive experience in heating and cooling equipment of all kinds including both boilers, chillers, all control devices and service methods.


As a site manager she has completed everything  from full scale renovations of abandoned apartment complexes and malls to negotiating large scale community projects with local city governments and zoning boards. 


Shay, as she likes to be called, was the youngest Black woman in Ohio to be technically certified in HVAC when she received her license in 2012 and she was the only one in the State of Ohio with a Boiler license at that time. Since then, she has devoted 1 shift per month to training another young woman to truly understand how to work in the field and be a valuable teammate. 


I was also the youngest bail bond agent in the State of Ohio, getting that license in 2000 and owning my own bail bond office by MLK day in 2002. Sold the business in 2011 and used the money to live while I went to HVAC school. Told my parents I was in school the week before graduation so they could be there. When my father learned I was head of my class and graduating early, he paid off my tuition. 


My parents are now retired and I took over my father's small residential HVAC repair business, which I continue to manage.  


I am also a mother of a fantastic 22 year old son who I am proud to say serves in the US navy. 

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