ShapiroCM celebrates 15 Years with Arne Aakre

The home office staff of ShapiroCM celebrated with Arne Aakre to mark 15 years of service to ShapiroCM. Arne and company President Jay Shapiro worked together previously and Arne was the first person Jay hired after he was on his own for about 9 months.

One of the perks of working with Arne and Jay are the many fascinating stories they tell about all of the projects they have managed and clients for whom they've worked. (Another perk is the beautiful art work in the office painted by Arne's wife Gerry Heydt.) As Operations Manager Arne oversees projects in the field and works with Jay on business development. He is also very instrumental with talent recruitment and supporting other members of the staff.

ShapiroCM is a true family and Arne is a key member!

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