Building Strong Client Relationships

Operations Manager Arne Aakre,

ShapiroCM employees from our GSA and NYCHA teams in NYC, Syracuse and Puerto Rico joined the Far Hills, NJ corporate team in New York City for a lively discussion about building strong client relationships.

ShapiroCM President Jay Shapiro often says that our people are what sets us apart. The company culture is to give every employees the tools they need to succeed and grow. Each participant had an opportunity to share their own experiences, frustrations and successes communicating with clients to deliver the best possible outcomes.

A special thank you to Eina Chin, the leader of our team at the World Trade Center for suggesting the evening's seminar topic and to Arne Aakre, our operations manager for sharing his wisdom and experience from years in the field. We look forward to more opportunities to grow together as a team and support our employees as individuals!

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