Happy Holidays from ShapiroCM

Happy Holidays from Jay Shapiro and Associates. This is a photo of the card that we sent out to our colleagues and contacts around the world. The image on the card is a photograph of a painting, "Tempe Wick Walk" by Artist Gerry Heydt. Gerry is the wife of our Special Projects Manager Arne Aakre. This card exemplifies the collaborative culture of our company, and how grateful we are for the people who work with us and for us (and for the fact that Gerry's paintings adorn our walls.). We wish you a magical holiday season. And if you didn't receive a card, we apologize. Some were addressed properly and were returned. Some people have moved on. If you have a new address, send me an email: nancy@shapirocm.com. We hope to send another beautiful holiday greeting next year.

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