Best Negotiating Practices in Construction Management

Members of the ShapiroCM management team and our New York City based construction project managers gathered for a training session on negotiating skills. The session was focused on specific scenarios the team encounters negotiating on behalf of clients and covered types of negotiations, stages of negotiations, best skills and practices and resources for future reference.

We believe that personal relationships are the key to our success in the business. In negotiation, like any other communication human connection is key.

Construction project managers who work in the field or within a client's work space may feel disconnected from the home office and wonder whether management understands what they are up against every day.

At ShapiroCM, we are committed to quarterly training sessions and social outings that give team members a chance to interact with each other and our management team. This promotes a better understanding of what's happening in the field and each employees personal strengths.

We offer competitive benefits and an Employee Assistance Program to help balance work/life challenges for members of our team and their family members.

Employees who work on other teams who are interested in viewing the presentation can log into the employee portal to see it.

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