ShapiroCM Creates Co-Working Community During Coronavirus

Most ShapiroCM employees are headed into their third or fourth week of teleworking.

We recognize that working from home can feel isolating, especially for people who live alone or are the only adult in their household.

Our employees are accustomed to working independently. Many work alone or in small groups on field projects and have little interaction with the "home office". If they do it's most often by phone and email.

To create a sense of community and give some structure to our days we've added three video conferences to our weekly schedule - a virtual lunch on Mondays, a coffee break on Wednesdays and an end of week refreshment hour on Fridays. None is mandatory. But we invite employees to "hangout" together if they can.

The video conferences are a chance for employees who may otherwise never meet to get to know each other. While it's hard at this point to imagine anything good coming out of a pandemic, building community among employees is always positive.

In addition to the social video conferences, all of our regularly scheduled weekly meetings among corporate and project teams have been moved to video conferences. We have figured out how to move documents that would otherwise require wet signatures or personal delivery by using available technology.

President Jay Shapiro points to our agility as an organization as a point of pride. Our ability to use technology to stay connected and keep up the pace of our work in this pandemic emergency proves that we are agile, indeed.

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