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Construction Managers

Integrity in Development, Design & Construction

The ShapiroCM Difference

ShapiroCM provides professional construction management, owner representation and consulting services for building, design and construction. 

From design concept through project completion and closeout, we balance scope and design with budget and schedule. Our foundation is the integrity with which we work.

Preconstruction Planning

We undertake design review and cost and schedule evaluation, including budget validation and detailed cost estimating. We conduct value engineering and constructibility analyses, planning for phasing and staging, and procurement services.

Owner Representation

We provide professional management services for design and construction of the built 

environment. The firm offers owners, institutions, corporations and investors full control of the cost, schedule and quality of their building program. 

Construction Management

Our reputation stems from our experience and the cooperation we foster between design and construction members on each project. Our personnel are fully grounded in design process, construction means and methods, and current technology. 


Management Services

With strong experience in management and strategy consulting, data and resource management and analysis, and large program management, we offer a variety of management services for projects large and small.

Financial Analyst

Advisory Services

When a client seeks discrete specialty services associated with a construction project or program of work, we are engaged to evaluate and advise in the areas of planning, analysis and review.

Working Together on Project

Staff Augmentation

Our engineers, architects, estimators, schedulers, project managers, construction managers, consultants, administrators and other professional experts are assigned to public and private clients.

Featured Current Project
Repairs to the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty project, to repair the "base" of the monument, is one of a three-part construction management contract awarded to ShapiroCM by the National Park Service. The contract also includes repairs to the main immigration building at Ellis Island and temporarily moving the security checkpoint for the tourist ferry that runs from Battery Park. 

The Statue of Liberty project addresses ongoing deterioration and provides long-term protection to the terreplein and inside of historic Fort Wood, which serves as the base for the Statue of Liberty.

Fort Wood is a massive stone fort constructed on the island in 1807. This project will protect the foundations of the Statue of Liberty and its pedestal, and will enhance visitor access, replacing the walking surface to improve both drainage and accessibility. 

The scope includes removal and replacement of pavers and waterproofing on the exterior levels of Fort Wood. Repairs will be made to halt or prevent leaks and water infiltration, preserving the fort’s structural elements. 

ShapiroCM is proud to be partnering with JMT to provide construction managers experienced with NPS work.

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