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Federal Projects

Rodino Federal Building

Location: Newark, NJ

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: Design review and CM services for the refresh of the US CIS offices on the 3rd floor and ICE-OPLA and FHFA-OIG offices on the 10th floor. Interiors projects included two-phase "gut rehab" and simultaneous design-build fit-outs.
Construction Value: $3.3M

Outdoor Air Intake Measurement and Verification

Location: Nationwide

Owner: GSA Zone 1, GSA Zone 4
Services: Measurement and verification of air-handling units suppling outside air at various GSA buildings. In conjunction with testing and balancing subcontractors, conducting assessment of AHUs to verify compliance with air intake standards as per COVID-19 guidance.

Project Management Svcs. for Job Corps

Location: Arlington, VA, and Nationwide

Owner: US Department of Labor
Services: Working as an integral member of Parsons' team since 2013, we perform PM support and architectural/engineering facility surveys for the DOL's Job Corps program, which manages new center construction and rehabilitation of existing centers at 125 trade schools nationwide.
Construction Value: $100M/year

CIT Facade Repair

Location: New York, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: CM services, including design review and procurement for upgrades to the exterior façade at the Court of International Trade (CIT) in downtown NYC to better protect the building and occupants from terrorist events.

Construction Value: $4.5M

Portfolio of Projects in Leased Space

Location: New York, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: Ten ShapiroCM professionals provide support to GSA Project Managers in Region 2 Leasing. Scope includes all phases of construction:  design review, inspections, progress documentation, estimating, and negotiating costs and responsibilities related to leases and fit-ups for agencies.

Cost Estimating Support Services

Location: Washington, D.C.

Owner:  GSA National Capital Region

Services: ShapiroCM provides cost estimating professionals to support various GSA projects. The contract represents $3B in construction estimate work, spread across 900 projects in the National Capital Region.

Moynihan Fire Alarm Systems

Location: New York, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: Construction management and project coordination for the fire alarm systems upgrade in the entire Moynihan Courthouse complex. Scope included detailed fire code testing and acceptance.
Construction Value/Size: $2.4M/974,000 SF

IRS Building Systems Upgrade

Location: Holtsville, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: CM for building modernization, including complex roof & systems upgrade. Scope included replacement of mechanical equipment, systems controls upgrades, and the complete stripping and replacement of approximately 500,000SF (12-acre) roof.
Construction Value/Size: $13M​/500,000 SF

Various Federal Term Contracts

Location: Nationwide

Owner: GSA
Services: Various federal term contracts, including Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), IDIQ/BPA’s for GSA Public Building Service from the Great Lakes to New England and Virginia (Zone 1) and Washington, DC (Zone 4), Regions 2 (NY/NJ) and Region 11 (DC)

JW Peck Federal Building Modernization

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Owner: GSA Great Lakes Region
Services: CM for modernization and energy enhancements, including major architectural, MEP systems and life-safety upgrades. Scope: window replacement/ interior upgrades to improve functionality

appearance and energy efficiency.
Construction Value/Size: $39M/785,000 SF

Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House

Location: New York, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: CM services to oversee pre-construction and construction phases of interiors fit-up with new MEP systems for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Research Center installed in this landmark building.
Construction Value/Size: $4.9M/13,000 SF

US DOJ EOIR Interiors

Location: New York, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: CM and design review services for design-build interiors project for the DOJ Executive Office of Immigration. The multi-phased project scope included hearings rooms, millwork, conference space, A/V, and security.
Construction Value/Size: $7.9M/21,000 SF


Upgrades to Keating Building

Location: Rochester, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: Construction Quality Management services for the USMS and USDC including management, monitoring, and coordination for installation of new prisoner elevator and holding cells.
Construction Value: $1.5M

Prettyman Courthouse Interiors

Location: Washington, DC

Owner: GSA National Capital Region
Services: CM services, overseeing design-build of the FISC Buildout Project, including five new SCIFs. Work included gut renovation of interiors spaces in an active federal courthouse to secure communications facility standards.
Construction Value: $4.9M

Brieant Courthouse Renovations

Location: White Plains, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: Design review and CM services for design-build renovations project. Multi-phased scope included new federal courtrooms, high-end furniture and millwork, A/V, and security systems.
Construction Value: $6.0M

Moynihan Security Pavilion

Location: New York, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: CM for new entrance pavilion for the SDNY Federal Courts complex. Working with US Federal Marshal’s Office, US Courts, and GSA, the pavilion provided superior access control, including development of a self-sufficient LEED-silver exterior addition.
Construction Value/Size: $10M/4,375 SF

Moynihan Building Swing Space

Location: New York, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: Construction management for interiors restack and renovation of 90,000 SF in the SDNY Federal Courts complex to restore previously annexed swing space to original use of judges’ chambers and related functions on five floors.
Construction Value/Size: $11M/90,000 SF

US Attorney Office Renovations

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: Construction management services for renovation of US Attorney Office on 2nd floor of Duberstein Courthouse, a build-out of bankruptcy and probation spaces including 1,420 SF of SCIF space.
Construction Value/Size: $1.5M/2,700 SF

Nazario Courthouse Elevators

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: CM for design-build contract to retrofit and install new elevators in federal courts complex in Hato Rey, PR. Elevators were designed to transport defendants from lower-level basement points of entry directly into active courtrooms.
Construction Value/Size: $3M/10,000 SF

Interiors Fit-Ups and Parking Garage in D'Amato Courthouse Complex

Location: Central Islip, NY

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: Interiors fit-up projects for offices of various federal agencies, including DHS, DEA, SSA, and ODAR, as well as parking garage repair, in the D'Amato Courthouse complex from 2011 to 2018
Construction Value/Size: $11.7M/63,000 SF

MLK Jr. Courthouse Roof Replacement

Location: Newark, NJ

Owner: GSA Region 2
Services: CM as advisor and design review services for the completion of the MLK Jr. Courthouse Roof Replacement Project. The roof was replaced on a fully occupied building to mitigate leaks that were interfering with building operation.
Construction Value: $1.1M

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