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Our Team

A group of skilled professionals, working within a collaborative culture where each person's strengths are valued. Each individual is trusted to work autonomously and invited to contribute across the organization to achieve outstanding results for our clients.




Jay Shapiro founded ShapiroCM in 2002, combining 20 years of industry-leading experience at Tishman Construction and Heery International with his strong client services skills. In his 40 years of construction management, Jay has been involved in some of the most iconic building projects in the country. Jay's philosophy is to build relationships in the process of building structures, leading to satisfied clients. He is fond of pointing out that ShapiroCM offers the professionalism and results of the big firms with the agility and personal touch of a small firm. Jay ensures that each and every project, no matter the size, receives the same high level of service and attention.

Working together with her father, Holly Fisher brings business strategy experience, gained as a member of an industry-leading management consulting firm. With ShapiroCM since 2015, her expertise in planning, operations and data analysis enables the firm to operate efficiently and offers an avenue to management and strategy consulting services not always offered by traditional construction managers.


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