Arne Aakre 

Special Projects Manager

Arne has over 40 years of experience leading construction projects. His greatest strength lies in his communication skills and ability to extract the best from all parties in the design and construction process. Arne has public and private sector experience in the New York / New Jersey region and public sector experience Nationwide. Project types include corporate and institutional buildings, multi-family housing, and public agency facilities – both new and renovation. Arne’s clients include the New York City Housing Authority; Federal GSA; the State of New Jersey SDA; Princeton Universty; Time Equities; Independence Harbor Condo Assn.; Franklin Township Board of Ed.; JPMorgan Chase, and others.


Personal Note: In 1968, Arne participated in the Woodstock music festival, and earned a cameo dance role in the film “Woodstock”.

Bachelor of Architecture, Pratt Institute, New York