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Our Team

Mark Herstein

Project Manager

Mark joined ShapiroCM in September 2023 with a background in hospital architecture, medical equipment, LEAN Principles and Integrated Project Delivery. He is a Registered Architect with over 40 years of experience in the design, documentation and construction management of highly complex and technologically sophisticated buildings.  Each of these projects has required understanding the inner workings of the building and the interface and coordination of all systems (including MEP / IT / Equipment). Mark’s goal as a project manager is to align the owner, architect, and contractor to resolve potential issues before they become memorialized in concrete and to maintain fluid communication amongst all entities.


Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of Kansas


Registered Architect in Missouri, Massachusetts, Washington and South Carolina.


Mark has worked on projects in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as domestically in the development and replacement of complex hospitals. He has even been a patient in one of the procedure rooms that he designed and oversaw the construction to occupancy. His favorite expression is “Cool, Calm, Constructed.”

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