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A Great Workplace for Women (and Men)

In my working life, I've had a lot of jobs and I've learned a lot of skills. Starting when I was 14, filing records in my dad's dental office, I now have more than 40 years of experience in a variety of workplaces from summer camps to TV newsrooms; small one-person operations to large media companies. I had some strong female role models in broadcasting, also a male-dominated profession at the time I was coming up through the ranks, who taught me how to make decisions under pressure. But no workplace compares - even when only connected to each other virtually - to ShapiroCM.

I am proud to recognize my female co-workers pictured above: Jerelene Cooper, Eina Chin, Julia Schuchardt, Tiffany Vanderpool, Mary Anne Gonzalez-Nieves, Holly Fisher, Ketaki Agale and Janet Aviles. Because of you, I worker harder, I work smarter and I laugh and smile a lot.

I started off with the intention of writing a blog with the 5 or 10 reasons why ShapiroCM is a great place for women to work. But the reality is that for every reason it's a great place for women to work, it's a great place for anyone to work.

  1. We offer leadership training to employeees who want to grow.

  2. We operate with a non-traditional leadership structure in which anyone can be a leader on a given project or initiative.

  3. We support continuing education and employees who want to get degrees or certifications.

  4. We provide multiple channels for employees to give and receive feedback.

  5. We meet in a video conference once a week to share information that will benefit our personal wellness and our professional growth.

  6. We have a diverse employee multi-cultural population including females at all levels.

  7. We have a family-friendly culture that permeats every aspect of our operation.

  8. Our EAP is available to all employees' family members.

  9. We do everything possible to recognize and retain good employees.

  10. Our Founder and President Jay Shapiro articulates our mission as providing a great place for people to come to work.

If you're interested in joining our team, reach out to me directly at


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