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Healthy Workplace Initiative

In the last year we've added eleven employees to our staff to help us serve our clients. "This is as busy as this company has ever been." President Jay Shapiro recently told one of our new hires.

When we recruit new employees, we stress our family culture. While we can't offer an on-site gym or child-care center, we can offer an environment where employee input is encouraged. Our size allows us to be more agile than a large company. We appreciate employee flexibility to make that possible, and try to give flexibility as well. We hope those are aspects of working at ShapiroCM that employees recognize.

As HR and Marketing Manager, my job is to recruit the best possible talent for new and existing contracts, then enhance the workplace environment such that those fabulous folks don't ever want to leave.

I recognize that it takes more than a restaurant gift card after a tough week of work, or a good luck gift card before the start of a new college semester to keep employees feeling loved. This year we provided employees with access to an Employee Assistance Program which provides a host of benefits including counseling on personal and professional issues. We don't know which employees have used it during the first 8 months it's been available. But we do know more than 1 in 5 employees has had at least one session with an EAP counselor.

We also offer quarterly training on varied topics to enhance hard and soft skills. We host events to provide members of different project teams a chance to get to know each other. A recent hike was the best attended company outing in its 16 year history. Our next training is communicating in a multi-cultural workplace. Almost half of our staff members were not born in the U.S.

Once we started the quarterly training workshops, we began to receive requests to cover more topics than we could handle, which is how the Healthy Workplace Initiative was born. Each month we will provide education, incentives, support and resources on issues ranging from burnout to quitting smoking to personal organization. Participation in a survey to determine what employees are most interested in has been very high.

Employee wellness programs are a win-win. More than 80% of large companies and over half of small companies offer wellness programs. The goal is to improve attendance, attract and retain talent and to improve and maintain morale. We look forward to implementing a program that engages our employees to enhance their lives and the health of the company as well.


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