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ShapiroCM Gets Moving

For the Month of April, ShapiroCM staff and family members participated in a fitness challenge. We divided into two teams. Each team earned a point for each day of the month that a team member exercised for 30 minutes or more. We asked participants to take photos of themselves exercising or sites they saw along the way while walking, running, cycling or playing outdoors.

From beautiful vistas at the ocean and the textures of the mountains to urbanscapes - the pictures capture the beauty of our surroundings and the satisfaction of being physically active. We were even able to see the growth of one employee's puppy from the beginning of the challenge - pictured on the chalk rainbow, to the end - in front of a mural.

The challenge was part of the Healthy Workplace Initiative, and the timing seemed to provided some stress reduction for employees stuck in their homes due to restrictions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. In January we held a healthy lunch challenge and in May we are holding a gratitude challenge. The HWI topic for June will be Work-Life Balance. An employee survey indicated areas of most interest to employees.

While most employees are working from home, we have also held weekly Zoom Lunch Breaks and Coffee Breaks as a way to share conversation and relax.

Employees appreciate the ShapiroCM corporate culture - which is inclusive of input and collaborative. We allow employees to work independently and encourage them to share their areas of expertise with colleagues. Communication and relationships are key to our business and to growing a company of happy, productive and healthy employees!


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