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ShapiroCM Holds Summer Employee Appreciation Fridays

ShapiroCM held the first corporate get-together for employees since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 on Friday June 11, 2021. The event included a hike and picnic and was open to all New York/New Jersey employees and family members who were available to attend.

The group met at the corporate office in Far Hills and caravanned to Natirar, a Somerset County Park.

Attendees walked two of the park trails in small groups, providing an opportunity to meet employees and family members in a relaxed outdoor environment.

While there were no company rules related to attendance and vaccines or masks, ShapiroCM has encouraged employees to get vaccinated to prevent COVID-19 and has offered an incentive program.

After the hike, everyone returned to the office for a boxed dinner picnic and more conversation. Those in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves and appreciate the opportunity to get out in a natural and social environment. Other small group outdoor events are planned.

ShapiroCM President and Founder Jay Shapiro had the idea to create "Summer Employee Appreciation Fridays". For employees in the New York City metro area, events would be planned each in New York and New Jersey, for convenience and options. Employees in the Washington, DC, Syracuse, NY, Puerto Rico and Cincinnati, Ohio locations have an opportunity to have an outing with co-workers or significant other, sponsored by the company.


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