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Women In Construction Week 2020

The National Association of Women in Construction has deemed this "Women in Construction Week". The focus of Women in Construction (WIC) Week is to highlight women as a viable component of the construction industry, share job opportunities in the industry and give back to the community.

At ShapiroCM we have opportunities in both the New York City metro area and the Washington, D.C. area for applicants looking to advance their careers in construction management.

We are proud to say that we currently employee nine women, some at the highest levels of field and corporate management.

Three of the firm's female leaders include Holly Fisher, ShapiroCM Business Manager; Construction Project Manager and Team Lead Eina Chin and Marketing and HR Manager Nancy Popkin. The women are pictured with Arne Aakre and President Jay Shapiro at a company training event in 2018.

Sergia Ventura works with Eina Chin as a Construction Project Manager on an 8-person team in the New York City area. She is a civil engineer and a Certified Construction Manager, working towards here P.E. license.

Not pictured, Tiffany Vanderpool is a project administrator currently coordinating two projects in Brooklyn.

Jerelene Cooper is a project administrator on a project in Manhattan. Jerelene is a veteran at ShapiroCM. As well as project documentation, Jerelene brings accounting experience and knowledge of the city to our project team.

Ketaki Agale and Janet Aviles (pictured below) are Project Engineers who work in Long Island City. Janet Aviles joined our firm last year. She brings strong organizational skills and relationship skills, as well as knowledge of New York City, to the job.

Ketaki Agale is one of our newest hires. She holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering. One of her areas of expertise is software.

Julia Schuchardt is the youngest member of our staff. She is running our home office and adding additional business responsibilities to her role in corporate management.

Julia joined our firm as an intern last summer and will be joining us as a full-time employee in a few months when she graduates from college.

Julia's growth at ShapiroCM is an example of the opportunity we offer to men and women who are self-starters with a desire to learn the business.

As far as we're concerned, every week is Women in Construction week at ShapiroCM.


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