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Cultural Diversity at Shapiro CM

Wednesday evening members of the ShapiroCM New York/New Jersey teams gathered for a Cultural Diversity Training and Dinner in Manhattan. More than 30% of ShapiroCM employees were born in countries other than the US. The training looked at communication styles as they relate to values in different countries. We viewed the Ted Talk "The Danger of a Single Story" by novelist Chimamanda Adichie. Afterwards we broke into small groups and discussed our own personal experiences. while sharing a potluck dessert representing our many different cultures. The event was part of a quarterly training program produced by the ShapiroCM human resources team for the purposes of employee growth and development

Healthy Workplace Initiative

In the last year we've added eleven employees to our staff to help us serve our clients. "This is as busy as this company has ever been." President Jay Shapiro recently told one of our new hires. When we recruit new employees, we stress our family culture. While we can't offer an on-site gym or child-care center, we can offer an environment where employee input is encouraged. Our size allows us to be more agile than a large company. We appreciate employee flexibility to make that possible, and try to give flexibility as well. We hope those are aspects of working at ShapiroCM that employees recognize. As HR and Marketing Manager, my job is to recruit the best possible talent for new and exist

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